‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. As children, answering that age old question would lead to a full page dot-point list of exotic sounding jobs and destinations to explore for Andre and Dominique. Their respective parents from Middle Eastern, Balkan and European descents introduced them to a diverse world of music, arts and culture. It meant that just one of those dot points would never do... 

For Andre, a handmade concoction of timber, nails and fishing line resembling a guitar was banged up and given to him by his father after watching a performance by Sir Paul McCartney on television as a child. This sparked his creative flame and led to a life long passion for music. Trying to master a seemingly endless art, Andre would play until his fingers bleed, inspired by legends such as Lenny Kravitz, Buddy Guy, John Mayer and Gary Clark Jr. In an effort to independently promote his live performances, he taught himself web and graphic design. Design would become his muse for many years while gaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design. This forged his love for visual communications, in which he found photography to be a beautiful expressive medium for his passions.

For Dominique, ever since she was an inquisitive tiny tot she’s been peeking over her father’s shoulders, inspired by his many surrealist artworks and architectural design plans. Sitting at his feet, his drafting desk would become the cave ceiling of her treasure trove, featuring collections of trinkets found whilst rummaging through her grandmother’s dressing table drawers. This creative influence led her to costume jewellery making and her love of interior styling - creating beautiful, inviting spaces and settings, and in turn working with some reputable brands. Her mother fostered a love of travel within her early years by heading out on many road trips along Australia’s gorgeous coastlines and rustic country towns. This would inspire her lengthy career in international marketing, creating campaigns and building brands representing Australian tourism and business industries - backed by her Bachelor of Commerce Degree specialising in Marketing and Human Resource Management.

When Andre met Dominique their creativity converged in photography. On their travels around Australia and Europe, they discovered lifestyles of locals they envied, and experienced first hand the rich cultures of their parent’s homelands. That cliché of being in the moment became something they lived for and ultimately aim to reflect that joy in their work.

‘Joie de vivre’ is their life philosophy - a joy of living and an exaltation of the spirit. A blend of their passions and experiences is what they incorporate into all of their work - whether for personal projects or advertising and editorial clients.

In March 2016, Andre and Dominique were able to pass on their knowledge, skills and inspiration as mentors to budding photographers and winners of the Australian Super and Nova 96.9FM KickStart Competition in a series of sessions encouraging them to take the first step to launch an exciting photography career.

Andre and Dominique currently reside in Sydney with their free spirited daughter Liv Amelie and son Louis Hendrik.

Clients/People Photographed:

- Nestle / Milo
- Lindt & Sprüngli
- Tourism Australia
- Cancer Council
- Pinnacle Drinks
- Men's Health Magazine Australia
- Roger Federer (Professional Tennis Player)
- Mitchell Johnson (Professional Cricket Fast Bowler)
- Maria Tutaia (Professional Netball Player)
- Ogilvy Australia
- Austrade (Australian Trade Commission)
- AFTRS (Australian Film, Television & Radio School)
- Subway Restaurants
- Crinitis Restaurants
- Nova Entertainment (Nova FM)
- Southern Star Entertainment
- Rentokil / Initial
- Luxury Escapes

Published in:

- Men's Health Magazine
- Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine
- Elle Magazine
- Belle Magazine
- Child Magazine
- Coles Magazine
- Wine Selector Magazine
- Australia's Biggest Cookoff Book


Andre & Dominique
Phone: +61 410 422 036
Email: studio@andredominique.com
Location: Sydney, Australia.